Academic Departments are university subunits that develop teaching, research and outreach activities according to specific areas. There are currently four departments and a special coordination office on Blumenau Campus which are in charge of undergraduate and graduate studies.

Departments Office
Ivan de Matos ()
Phone: +55 48 3721-3348 | 3347 or +55 47 3232-5148 | 5147


Department of Automation and Control Engineering and Computer Science (CAC)

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Head of Department: Prof. Hugo Jose Lara Urdaneta


Department of Exact Sciences and Education (CEE)

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Head of Department: Prof. Eduardo Zapp


Department of Mathematics (MAT)

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Head of Department: Prof. Jorge Luiz Deolindo Silva


Department of Textile Engineering (DET)

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Head of Department: Prof. Miguel Angelo Granato


Special Coordination for Materials Engineering (EMT)

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Head of Department: Prof. Márcio Roberto da Rocha