About the Campus

Building A (academic)

UFSC Blumenau Campus was inaugurated in 2013, with an opening class on 17 March 2014 at  the Carlos Gomes Theatre. At first, academic activities were carried out at IFC Blumenau and were later transferred to the current building on João Pessoa Street (Velha neighborhood) in September 2015.

The Campus houses the School of Technology, Exact Sciences and Education (CTE), which currently offers undergraduate degree programs in Textile Engineering, Automation and Control Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mathematics (Education), Chemistry and Chemistry (Education), two professional master’s programs in Physics Education and Mathematics, and two academic master’s programs in Textile Engineering and Nanoscience, Processes and Advanced Materials.

Undergraduate and graduate departments work together to prepare professionals with an adequate profile in order to meet the sociotechnical needs of the Vale do Itajaí mesoregion. The project conceived by UFSC focuses on the proposition and organization of social interaction activities, motivating cooperation between economic and productive sectors and the community in general.

The Campus has three main buildings: one administrative (C) and two academic buildings (A and B), where the classes are taught and the teaching, research and outreach activities are developed.  The Campus Administration is structured around a General Campus Office and an Administrative Office.

In 2022, UFSC Blumenau Campus reached the amount of more than 1.500 students, 106 faculty members and 59 administrative staff members. To meet the needs of its students and staff, the Campus has centers and committees responsible for welcoming, providing educational support and facilitating the development of the academic community.